Saturday, 22 March 2014

"If I Give Up Now" A Poem by Thuli Nkoyana

A lady I am honoured to call a dear friend posted this on Facebook on  3rd May 2010 at 13:2, and has given me permission to share it. I can't introduce it more perfectly than by simply letting you read it...


If I give up now I'll never know
The goodness of God and the chance to grow
The fruit and harvest of seeds I have sown
The Blessing of being called "Jesus' own".

If I give up now I'll never see
His glory and splendour revealed in me
Treasures and secrets and mysteries
My future, my purpose, my destiny.

If I give up now I'll never hear
His voice as He whispers in my ear
His footsteps ahead making my way clear
His comforting words that dry my tears.

If I give up now and stop running this race
I'll never encounter Jesus nor see His face
I'll never reach my potential nor know my fate
Nor see the treasures beyond the surface

I trust in Him who knows my future
Who knows my past and loves me still
I won't give up, no I won't quit
Till the space in my heart He completely fills

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