Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Regressive Christianity

I'm stuck, as I've said before, to describe my standing as a Christian.

I used to define myself as "conservative", but that got hijacked by intolerant and (frankly) heretical teachings spouted by people who have nothing better to do than assault other people who disagree with them.

Then I felt "fundamentalist" would be a good fit. Unfortunately the "fundamentals" of Christ's message have been overlooked in some areas and criticised in minute detail in others. So I can't use that term any more.

"Progressive" has a nice ring to it, but the more I explore the concept, the more it speaks of universalism - the concept that all religions ultimately lead to the same place - and effectively gnosticism, specifically blasted by St Paul everywhere he went. It also has a disturbing habit of "de-classifying" sinful behaviour because of alleged scientific "proof" pertaining to sme behaviours. The big one currently is homosexuality, but the wheel will turn and something else will repace it eventually in the cross-hairs.

"Traditional" has never been an option for me, and the same for "Basic" and "Literal". They miss the point. I don't believe the earth is only 4000 years old, so "literal" as a part of the young earth movement makes no sense.

So I find myself pondering "Regressive" Christianity.

I've not found any references to this concept as an official way of thinking/behaving, so maybe I'm starting something here.

Regressive Christianity
  • Emphasises the only way to Salvation is through Jesus Christ
  • accepts the teaching of Jesus as sacrosanct.
  •  It accepts that Scripture knows better than society when it comes to societal "norms". 
  • Sin is Sin. No matter whator who is commiting it - and how many concur within society
  • The Ultimate place to confirm right and wrong behaviour is God's Word, not the DSM4 or 5
  • All religions are not equal
  • Does not condemn an individual for their behaviour, irrespective of that behaviour
  • Acknowledges the Bible is not God in itself, but is the only recording of His utterances and the canon is closed
  • Nobody who accepts Jesus as their personal Saviour at the rejection of all other false gods will fail to be accepted as a Brother or Sister in Him  
So I'm a Regressive Christian.

I want to go back to what Paul wrote. I Love my wife to the best of my ability as Christ loved the Church, and gave Himself for her. Where I fail in my self, I trust Him to fill the gaps.

All wells do not draw from the same source. It may be water, but ultimately it will kill, not heal if Jesus isn't in it.

So if you want to be a "Progressive" christian, more politically correct and acceptable to the standards of the world, go ahead. It's a broad road, and easy to follow. But beware. That description is reflected in Jesus' own teachings.

I look for the narrow road. It's not easy, and it brings me into conflict with other "christians", but we need to return to the Law of the Spirit Paul refers to in Romans. Life, not death. Brother against brother, divisive Faith that unifies in the Spirit of Life.

Fundamentalism has a bad press as it's linked with violence. I saw an amazing image recently of an Orthodox Priest walking out in the Ukraine to stand between the lines of Police and Rioters to pray for Peace on both sides. Christian Pacifism is anything but wimpish. It's a fundamentalist approach that looks back to the root, the source of our common belief. Life is precious, Christ died for the men on both sides. So take the stand in the middle ground and pray for both.

Regress to what Jesus held up. His standards. His message. His way.

Be a Regressive Christian,

I dare you.