Friday, 19 August 2016

Some Recent Posts You May Have Missed...

I'm posting on these days, but here are a few links to help you find some of the recent posts...

It's [Not] Complicated

The hardest thing about my Faith in my experience is explaining how simple it actually is. Most people seem to think Christianity is either irrelevant – which is ok because they have a clear idea of what they’re rejecting – or similar to the Gordian Knot in it’s complexity.

Jesus the Comic...

Anyone who can read the Bible and not conclude God has a sense of humour is reading it wrong. Take Balaam. Balaam was a prophet, a man with a hotline to God. When he refused to answer said hotline, God uses a donkey to prophesy to Balaam. It’s the only recorded time God ever spoke out of His ass…

Stubborn and Pig-Headed

Peter was hard-headed as well. Stubborn in a way most of us actually should dare to be. He walked on water, he declared Jesus to be the Christ even before the Cross and his own single-minded focus on the things of God allowed him to preach in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, heal the cripple at the Temple and raise Dorcas from death.
Stubborn Faith doesn’t quit.

...the Bible is full of stories of God’s Faithfulness when His children hold out for His intervention.

On another point, email problems have hit for the last 3 months and I've discovered a large number of emails never reached me because of wayward SPAM filters.
Please try again if you've written and not had a reply from me. As a guideline, if you wrote more than three weeks ago and have heard nothing back, I didn't get it!

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